June 18, 2009

I am here, but not really

Due to my current hectic schedule, my blog is temporarily in hiatus. It is not dead, I promise. It's just going to appear that way for the next few weeks or so. I will probably be back around the second week in July if I'm not too busy fiesta-ing it up in Mexico!

June 09, 2009


I don't get why everyone else isn't more excited about this? Kaka! has come to Real Madrid and I couldn't be more excited! We not only have Kaka! in our midfield now, but we have Jesus on our side. Kaka! also follows the Real Madrid tradition of being really good looking. Kaka! has the skillz and the looks and will fit right in. This really is too perfect. Anyways, Ya for Kaka! at Real Madrid. I believe in him like he believes in Jesus. Hala Madrid!

June 05, 2009

I have nothing better to blog about

and I'm super busy, but apparently today is international donut day, so grab a donut, think of Cesc and enjoy the holiday!