January 31, 2009

The brightside of things

I'm going to go ahead and try to ignore/deny/forget the fact that Juventus LOST 3-2 TO CAGLIARI FFS! And go ahead and focus on the positives, like this incredibly awesome pic of Amauri.
(photo/Getty Images)

Get your mind out of the gutter

Needless to say these commercials weren't approved for actual airing on American TV.

January 24, 2009

A study in pictures

Vanilla Bear often harasses me for liking Fall Out Boy, but like them, I don't care what you think. We were posting music videos and I posted Sugar We're Going Down where Vanilla Bear then proceeded to state that Patrick (the lead singer) has gained weight and he used to be thin in that video which has inspired me to do a study in pictures: Fall out boy edition.

Let's start with their earliest albums and work our way to the most current.

Fall Out Boys Evening Out With Your Girlfriend (2003)Take This To Your Grave (2003)My Heart Will Always Be the B-side To My Tongue EP (2004)From Under The Cork Tree (2005)Infinity on High (2007)
Folie A Deux (2008)

January 20, 2009

January 18, 2009

Is he?

I am watching the Real Madrid/Osasuna match and one player has stood out to me, the Osasuna attacking midfielder Masoud Shojaei. He hasn't stood out because of his performance or anything, but because I can't decide if he is a hottie or not. While his hair is great and in motion, he's spectacular, I can't confirm that he is. Thus, I leave the question open for you-
Is Masoud Shojaei a hottie?

Here are some stats:
He is 24. (DOB: June 19, 1984, also, makes him a member of BA24)
He was born in Shiraz, Iran.
He plays for the Iranian NT.
He is currently the number 19 for CA Osasuna.
He is 6 ft and half an inch (1.84 m)
He has 6 other siblings, 2 of which play footie/soccer professionally.
Also majorly important, the photographic evidence:

January 16, 2009

Really subconscious? That's the best you could come up with?

With the mass amount of inversion lately, my allergies have been acting up. Normally I take a Claritin (they have the least side effects on me) and I'm okay. Last night before I went to bed, I went to take one, when I realized I had lost them. Instead of searching them out, I decided to just take a Benadryl instead. I don't normally take Benadryl because they make me extremely tired and groggy, but when I woke up this morning I remembered something else about it; it always gives me weird dreams.

So here is my dream in all of it's odd glory:

Real Madrid are at their training ground and Julio Baptista is trying to make a long distance phone call. Bernd Schuster is lecturing the team on new tactics and quickly notices the distraction that is taking place. He inquires as to what is happening and Baptista quickly expresses his frustrations at trying to call anyone long distance from his cell phone. The whole team nods in agreement, understanding his feelings. Then, Miguel Torres (aka Minty) pops out from the back and says "That's why I use SmartPhone!" Minty then reached in his pocket and pulled out a silver and white bar phone adn then proceeded to tell the rest of his team how easy it is to call loved ones long distance from a SmartPhone. All of a sudden, he magically has more SmartPhone's and passes them out to his teammates. All of the players take them excitedly, except Guti who refuses the phone. All of them immediatley start dialing their respective countries and calling home, except Baptista who called Italy (instead of Brazil). Also, something else that unfortunately stood out was that even though Metzelder called Germany, he was speaking english. In all of the commotion and excitement of now being able to easily call long distance, no one payed any attention to Guti who was scrambling, trying to get everyone off of the new phones and tell them something important about them. Guti then started to frantically yell, but no matter what he did, everyone was just far to occupied to listen.

Then the alarm on my phone went off and I woke up.

Several things about the dream though;
-Why is it that when I finally dream about Real Madrid, it has to do with phones.
-Why did the part with Metze have to stick out in my mind?!?!
-Obviously not accurate seeing as Schuster is no longer the coach and Baptista is now a Roma player

Anyways, good job subconscious- you just dreamed up possibly the best Real Madrid phone advertisement ever. :P

January 11, 2009

David Beckham

*this is showing up weird on Internet Explorer, but if viewed in Firefox it's fine*

I always forget how much I hate David Beckham. I’m always aware of how much I dislike him, but I’m always caught off guard by the amount of hatred I have for the guy. I was trying to find out the starting lineup for AC Milan in today’s Milan/Roma game and all I came across was stories about how Becks is or isn’t starting. This made all of the hatred I had for him come flooding back. After the game as well, the only stories that were up were all about Beckham and it’s just too bad because there was much more to that game than just a debut by a “good looking” player past their prime.

I was thoroughly annoyed and Vanilla Bear and Chocolate Bear had inquired as to why I dislike him so much so I decided to officially make a list and explain my feelings.

1- He gets in the way of real news and important stuff.

David Beckham is in my way. When I google something that he has the tiniest thing to do with, all I hear about is him. This is sad because there are bigger more important things than him, but no one cares because he is there. He takes away credibility of good players and important stories with his mere presence. Becks goes to visit sick kids in a hospital and instead of them writing about the disease the children are suffering from and ways to help, everyone is just focusing on what he was wearing or some other form of Becks malarkey. He gets in the way of important stuff and it's not okay.

2- He did NOT bring football/soccer to America and he is a sellout.

Instead of trying to raise his quality of play as any player with dignity would, he took the easy way out and decided to remain just a slightly above mediocre player in the MLS. He claimed it was to bring exposure to the sport in America, but when you look at the potential earnings of $250 million we all know that is about as fake as cubic zirconium. He put money above the sport and that is just not the kind of message that somebody with his level of exposure should be sending to anyone. Then, to put that sweet cherry on top of the load of bull the whole situation was, he didn’t even play for the first few months because of a hamstring injury. If you are going to pay that much for a player, at least get someone of quality as well as someone who isn’t broken. Just pure ridiculousness. Then, when he finally did start playing, he couldn’t score a goal to save his life. The LA Galaxy couldn’t even finish at the top of their division. Then during the winter break of MLS during this season, he has sort of jumped ship and headed over AC Milan and has officially tainted the Serie A with his presence. I do have to say this though, I thoroughly enjoyed his time in the MLS because that meant as far as sports went, I didn’t have to see him ever. I mostly avoid celebrity blogs and therefore when I read sports sites, he was never in sight.

3- Perfectly sensible decisions get criticized when Becks is involved.

Fabio Capello got heavily criticized for his decision to not play Becks during Real Madrid’s 2006-2007 season. Why? Becks was not playing well. Becks was also at Real Madrid and with a roster full of superstars, it is natural and expected that he would have to compete for playing time and during that season, his level of play was not up to par as some of the other players. Also, in the middle of the season, he announced he would soon be leaving to head to the MLS, so why should a coach play a player who clearly no longer is committed to giving 100% to their team. His 4 years at Real Madrid are some of the worst in their history.

4- Everyone made a big deal about him going to Real Madrid and his time there.

He won the Supercopa, but Real Madrid had qualified from the season before he played there. Real Madrid won the La Liga once in his four years there (06-07), but that was the year that he barely played. Besides selling jersey’s what else did Becks do for Real Madrid. They are the most successful club in the world and he didn’t better them in any way. If anything, he just brought negative media attention to the club. I know a lot of Madridistas thank him for his time there and for them, I ask; Why?

5- He’s stupid.

Some people have argued that it’s okay that Becks is stupid because he’s aware of it, but to this I disagree. If Becks is stupid and he knows it, why isn’t he doing something about it. Why isn’t he picking up a book and trying to brighten himself up? This is the man that little kids look up to and people say it is okay for him to be stupid because he’s him, but it’s not at all. Role models should be more than just 2 dimensional. I think that being smart is something that should be held in high regard. It seems that being an intelligent person is something that is looked down on in society and I think that like Paris Hilton, Becks is partially to blame for this. Since when did being self aware make up for the fact that you are an idiot?

6- He takes away from the talent of other players.

If you ask most American’s who the greatest soccer player in the world right now is, most will answer David Beckham. This is because most American’s don’t know any better. Also, whenever you read a match report of a game that Becks played in, you will find a lot of it revolves around him and not the other players that possess far greater talent.

7- His Wikipedia page.

It’s just far too long.

8- He causes hypocrisy amongst fans and is not special.

The best way to explain this is to use an example. I am going to call out Vanilla Bear on this because she is really the only big Beckham fan that I know , but this sort of hypocrisy applies to most Becks fans (don’t feel so singled out). VB really loves Becks and will preach his greatness, despite him playing for Manchester United. Now this might not seem so hypocritical at first, but VB has told me that a lot of the reason she dislikes Ruud Van Nistelrooy and other players is because they have played for ManU. Why is Beckham so special that people can overlook things about him, that they can’t about other players?

9- He is not as good looking as you think.

I think a lot of the reason people thing David Beckham is good looking is because we’re told he’s good looking. He is known for being good looking, but when you get down to the matter, he’s no more good looking than many other Hollywood celebrities. In fact, he’s not even the hottest athlete out there, let alone the hottest football/soccer player. I think a lot of what people think is attractive about him also comes along with the notoriety of his fame. I’m sure that if everyone knew of every hot baller out there, Becks would definitely not be the hottest, but because most people don’t know who Iker Casillas, Fabio Cannavaro, Thierry Henry, Adrian Mutu, Raul Gonzalez,… are, they consider him the best looking.

I guess I could have just saved over 1,200 words by posting the below quote as a lot of the reason I dislike David Beckham, but I don’t think that would do it justice.
“You're more than welcome to shake your fist at the sky and curse David Beckham with me any day. Whether your reasons have to do with Beckham being the source of 12 years of sporting agony or his inability to get a sport going in your country because his legs keep encountering unfortunate accidents due to his passionate attempts to run more in the last month than he has in 10 years, it matters not. We are officially comrades in eye-rolling agony... unless, of course, you're still holding out hope for your Chosen One. If that's the case, you may as well throw yourself off a bridge because you clearly haven't a lick of sense.”


January 08, 2009

As if I needed yet another reason

I LOVE Fueled By Ramen record label. They are my favorite label and I LOVE almost every band they have signed. My heart could almost explode with how much I love them, but to make sure that I loved them even more, they stepped up their game. I placed an order for my This Providence hoodie and the LE PATD Pretty. Odd. album and when I received it (like 10 days ago, right before I left for vacation.) I was pretty suprised when I opened the box and sitting there right on top was a greeting card from FBR with a picture of Gym Class Heroes from their holiday greetings video and it was signed by all four members, including my box member, Eric Roberts. Also, on the back it was numbered and it's 4/50. I'm pretty high up on that list there :D

Sidenote on this video, I think it's just hilarious how Disashi has candy canes taped to him.

Musical Hotties

It has been a while since I found a new hottie to add to my box. I found comfort in music (as you do) and through rolling stone magazine and a few mistitled pictures, I have found two new hot guys.

The first is singer/songwriter/sometimes actor Teddy Geiger. I came across him while googling Tyson Ritter. I remember seeing him on MTV Cribs and didn't really pay too much attention, but I was mistaken because he is grade A hottie. He reminds me a lot of Bojan and I decided a lot of that was due to the fact that he has the same kind of expressive eyebrows as him. His music is also pretty good, but I'm kind of a sucker for singer/songwriters.
(^This picture just absolutely kills me)
The second I came across in Rolling Stone. I was reading the magazine and it was a little section about what your favorite album of the year was and Jared Followill (bassist of Kings of Leon, not a huge fan of them, but they're okay) had his say. Anyways, the pic of him was super gorgeous. I can't find a version of it online, but no matter, there are plenty other to choose from :D Vanilla Bear claims that I only like him for his hair because I am a "hair whore" (her words, not mine), but alas, I like his eyes too :P Also, I am NOT a hair whore, I am a hairlot! (^ Specifically for Vanilla Bear)

January 06, 2009

A quickie

I am back. Well, technically I've been back since Sunday about 3:30 pm GMT, but I'm just getting around to finally completing things and getting back into my normal groove. My head is still not here and thinking is so much harder than it should ever be. Vegas and Mexico were very fun and I will do a proper post about it when my mind decides to kick into gear and properly function.

I know a lot of people did year end lists and new years resolutions, but I can't really be bothered. Most of my lists would probably be pretty unoriginal anyways. I also don't do new years resolutions. I don't need a new year to decide to make a change in my life for the better. I applaud those of you who stick to them though.