March 31, 2009

Yoann vs. Johan

I had nothing better to do, so I decided to watch the England/France U21 game. I was half paying attention (and that's giving myself A LOT of credit) when I noticed the France keeper had some mighty potential to be a hottie. I did some research and I came to the conclusion that Johann Carrasso is good looking, but not hot. I showed him to Vanilla Bear who hastily approved and claimed him for her own. She then made the bold comment that Johan was in fact hotter than Yoann "Lashes/NSFW" Gourcuff. This was blasphemous and I will not let the comment stand without scientific evidence and by that, I mean an opinion poll!

Here are some basics;
Yoann Gourcuff is 22 years old. He currently is on loan at Bordeaux but is owned by AC Milan. He is an attacking midfielder and stands 6'1". He was born in Ploemeur, France and has a thightastic Wikipedia picture.

Johan Carrasso is soon to be 21 years old. He plays in France for Montpellier as a goal keeper. He is 6'2". He has an official website, but a lot of it is still under construction.

Anyways- Here are some pics. You can decide for yourself. Who is officially more delicious?

Johan Carasso

Yoann "Lashes" Gourcuff

Who gets your vote for finest Frenchie?

March 29, 2009

A day in the life

I'm not feeling particularly inspired with blogging lately so I thought I would just do a recap of my day yesterday.

  • I woke up at about 8:00 am and played Fishdom for about 2 hours until I beat it.
  • I then got online and ended up watching 11 footie games, either wholly or partially for about hours. I LOVE INTERNATIONALS so much and I couldn't resist watching as many as possible. I watched; Wales/Finland, Russia/Azerbaijan, Israel/Greece, England/Slovakia, Germany/Liechtenstein, Spain/Turkey, Italy/Montenegro, Netherlands/Scotland, Argentina/Venezuela, Mexico/Costa Rica and USA/El Salvador.
  • Imbetween all of the games, I decided to drink about a pot of coffee and got a major major caffeine high and then came down and that was not fun at all.
  • Then I watched Jazz take on Phoenix. This was one of the most bizzare/ridiculous/dumb/frusterating.... games in forever. The refs were so dumb. After the Jazz had won 103-99 they decided that they needed to add anther 0.3 of a second to the clock and make them play it which was pointless, but it let the Jazz actually end up winning 104-99 so meh. It's kind of sad though as it's pretty much assured the Suns won't be in the finals, but such is life. Jazz for the win.
  • I then decided to organize my iTunes library which is still a bit jumbled.
  • At about 11:00pm it was bed time for me. Overall a pretty productive day... Anyways- here are some things from the games I watched that I feel the need to point out-
~Utah pwned the Suns. I'm just happy about it~The Engerland National team kits are horrible. I know it's supposed to be like some throwback to 1966 or whatever, but it just seems they were lazy to me. Seriously, no thought went into this "design." It's like, hmm, well- I want to go home, let's just stitch a three lions logo onto this polo shirt and call it a day.
~The Russia kits, I don't even know what to say. I kind of like them, but the zipper collar is throwning me off.
~Papa Kun and bebe Aguero! I'm not one to swoon over babies, so I'm not going to. I just think this is a great pic.Uefa and time zones decided to confuse me and sadly I missed pretty much all of the Italy game :( Two very strange things occured during this game though, that I feel is important to point out; 1) Canna got carded! I didn't see it and I dont' know what he did, but he got a card. To bad he couldn't flirt his way out of it, I love it when he does that. 2) At the end of the game, Canna did NOT remove his shirt. I was shocked. He always strips at like every possible opportunity. I didn't even know what to do- I felt kind of bad though because he left the pitch looking all disappointed, but I dont' know why since Italy won?
~I was streaming the Argentina/Venezuela game and this ad was above it the whole time and for like the first 20 minutes it was hilarious, but it kept moving and by the end it was really pissing me off!

March 20, 2009


CL Draw Results


Q2-Manchester United-FC Porto


Q4-FC Barcelona-Bayern Munchen

SF Draw
Winners Q2-WinnersQ1
Winners Q4-Winners Q3

Final in Rome
Winners of SF2 will be considered the home team
Winners of SF1 will be considered the away team

March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

In honor of St. Patrick and the day we celebrate him, Caramel Bear Speaks has gone green! (This is of course only a temporary change) Happy St. Patricks Day everyone!

March 16, 2009

Jugador de la Semana

I don't feel like writing too much on this at the moment, but here is my post. Congrats to Jurado for a great game. Canna was out injured. I don't even know what's going on with Heitinga, he didn't seem too bad when I was watching the game live. Down With Pep- I'm glad Bojan finally got a start, but at the expense of Henry (was worth it though ;))

March 14, 2009

More than a Bowie look alike

Chocolate Bear made the observation.
That is all.

March 13, 2009

Superuseless Superpowers

I found this endlessly amusing. See more at superuselesssuperpowers

March 12, 2009

The moments when you really need cake

For The Bears just because they are so amazing! A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cake-
The cake you will see at Messi's wedding (minus the birthday sentiment of course)-

March 09, 2009

Jugador de la Semana

Barkero however is el Jugador de la Semana! He scored the match winning goal, had one assist and had one shot on target. He also had 3 successful crosses and 2 corners won. Well done Jose!

Runer up is of course Javier Camunas. He scored a goal and had 3 shots on target. Very sucessful and it's making me very happy.

I don't know what is going on with Heitinga, he played- why no puntos?

March 07, 2009

I was raised on the (Sesame) street!

I found these online. They are freaking amazing. They are made of duct tape. The best duct tape wallets ever! I really want to buy one, but I can't decided between Elmo or the Cookie Monster. Whilst Elmo is my favorite, the cookie monster one is really cool! Anyways, I shall eventually make up my mind and place my order. Until then, I will continue using my Hello Kitty wallet!
You can purchase them here.

Blog Challenge: Baller Adventures

You have to choose one baller to do each of the following activities with.
You can't choose the same baller for more than two answers.
You have to explain your reasons behind each answer.
Bonus lolz for being specific with certain questions!

Who would you choose to...

1) Go backpacking across Europe with?
Raul Gonzalez- We've already spent a lot of quality time together in a tent, it just feels right.

2) Teach you their language?
Paolo De Ceglie- He has a proper deep guy voice and can start by whispering sweet nothings into my ear!

3) Go on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire with?
Niko Kranjcar- He's a smart cookie and I think we could realy go for the mil!

4) Bake a chocolate carrot cake with?
Fabio Cannavaro- I want to bake a cake all reversa master chef style!

5) Get drunk and sing karaoke with?
Pepe Reina- That way when I sing horribly, I won't be the most memorable part of that performance. Camareroooo!

6) Go on an extreme sports holiday with?
Paolo De Ceglie- Lots of shirtless activity and lots of adrenaline flowing!

7) Raise money for underprivileged kids with?
Iker Casillas- he does it already, I'll just tag along and watch him look pretty.

8) Marry and have lots of sex and babies with?
Bojan Krkic- because it's going to happen! I'm realistic like that.

9) Play an embarrassingly tabloid-worthy prank on?
Christoph Metzelder- Revenge is a biotch!

10) Have a short but wholly satisfying sordid affair with?
Canna- together we shall bake many a cake. Not that I would ever cheat of course!

11) Go to a fancy dress event with?
Cesc Fabregas- We would have the best costumes ever and I know he would wear whatever and look amazing doing so!

12) Have a drunken hook up that you may regret with?
Ruud Van Nistelrooy- He's about the only person I would go there with that I might end up actually regretting later. I'm okay with the harassment that comes along with this answer though.

13) Go ballroom dancing with?
Roque Santa Cruz- He's tall and I just think that he would make an excellent dance partner.

14) Pull off an Ocean's Eleven style heist with?
Kaka- I just want to bring out his BA side. I know it's in there somewhere!

15) Go on a secret mission with?
Fernando Torres- We all know he has the incredible parkour skillz, so those should come in handy.

I want to make babies with Canna and Bojan

Because I am told this is what I need to fill out and complete-

A) 3 players you like who play for a rival team(s)
1) Bojan Krkic
2) Paolo Cannavaro
3) Samuel Eto'o

B) a player from a rival team that you would unfunfunfff
1) Bojan

C) the player who got you into football
1) Fabio Cannavaro

D) 2 players you dislike for club but like for country
1) Fernando Torres
2) Guiseppe Rossi

E) a player who you used to like but not anymore
1) Figo

F) a relatively unknown player who you are a fan of
1) Paolo De Ceglie

G) a player who has grown on you
1) Francesco Totti

H) a player you love who has left your club
1) Thierry Henry

I) a player you could not stand who has left your club
1) Robinho

J) 3 players who you liked for their talent before you considered their looks
1) Canna and you don't have to believe me, it's okay
2) Roque Santa Cruz
3) Raul

K) the one player you would 1000000000% put out for ;)
1) Canna!

L) a player you like who plays in a league you don't follow
1) Luca Toni

M) 3 players who you don't understand the appeal of
1) The Ramos
2) Gonzalo Higuain
3) Cristiano Ronaldo

N) a player you like but is disliked by most
1) I don't know- Van Nistelrooy?

O) the player who you will love unconditionally no matter what
1) Canna of course!

now take the first names you answered for questions: A) L) J) and play a game of F/M/K!

marry: Bojan
kill: Luca Toni

March 06, 2009

Once again vindicated by science

A study was done with SAT scores and teenagers favorite music. It turns out that all the times I harassed Semisi and told him he listened to stupid music, that I was right. Science is awesome and it once again proves that I listen to at least smarter music than the average. I had a conversation with Sarah once about smart music and I guess this is what we meant, now I know.

Apparently, Lil Wayne fans are amongst the dumbest people around, but I didn't necessarily need a study to make me aware of this. I guess it's important to remember that this is a study of correlation and not causation, but all the same. The "dumbest" bands I listen to would be The All American Rejects and Fall Out Boy I suppose, but for the most part, I listen to pretty smart music.

Take a look for yourself and see how you rate. I took the chart and highlighted all of the artists currently in my iTunes library. The farther left they are, the lower the people who liked them scored on their SAT's.

The chart highlighted with the artists I listen to. (click here for the unvandalized version) You have to click it to embiggen it and make it not so blurry.

Paolo picspam

I've had a downer of a week and decided to surf the web and came across a mecca of pics for Paolo De Ceglie. I had a lot of issues finding proper pictures of him before, but this Italian forum had a ton so I decided to share with you some of my favorites that I found.
(it's called a bra lady)

I also found some really good pics of him when he was a bit younger with the Juve youth level teams. These are great because they also include his teammates of Claudio Marchisio and Sebastien Giovinco.

March 02, 2009

Jugador de la Semana

Jugador de la Semana this week goes to none other than King Titi! He wins on so many levels right now. He scored two goals, had 1 assist, 3 shots on target, 1 corner won and 1 foul won and yet Barca still managed to lose! This is really the attitude of a team player. This one is for you Thierry Henry and even when you are massive win it still means massive lose for Barcelona. I am indebted to you good sir.

The runner up would definitely be Canna. I know Rossi had an assist and shot on target and Camunas was amazing with goal and assist, but Canna reached a new personal best! He got an amazing 7 puntos. This definitely makes up for the 0 he recieved last week and he is back to being my rock. He kept 1 clean sheet had 1 tackle won and 1 blocked shot. Yay!

As for Heitinga, he finally returned and yet with negative puntos. I can't be too angry with him though seeing as he had a completely valid goal disallowed and -2.5 puntos is a whole lot considering he got booked.

I got a total of 71 puntos which keeps me in a clear 1st place, 124 puntos ahead of the next contender. I am also ranked +91 and in the top 4% of the group "Real Madrid Supporters." #1,311 of 3,2803. :D