December 27, 2008

I'm still taking a blogging break.

Pretend that I'm not here. I just want to link you up to this because I laughed so hard and this guy is on my short list of heroes!

December 24, 2008

Off for the holidays!

I am off for the holidays. I am spending the next few days at home with my family before heading off to Las Vegas and then Mexico. I will be back sometime around January 4th. See you then. Bye

Also, my mom got me a $50 gift certificate to Best Buy. I don't know what to make of this...

December 19, 2008

Brendon vs. Brandon

I promised Vanilla Bear a Brandon Flowers post forever ago and I've so far failed to complete that promise, but I am fulfilling it now. I can't have a post about Brandon Flowers without also including Brendon Urie because they are basically the same people. The only difference between the two (besides the obvious age :P) is that one has the ability to follow up with a really good second album, while the other one's follow up attempts have been nothing short of disasters (you know who is who!) This is a pretty bold claim, but I promise I have evidence
  • They are both Mormon
  • Both are lead singers of bands (Brandon: The Killers, Brendon: Panic At The Disco)
  • Both play piano and sometimes guitar in their respective bands
  • They aren't completely different looking
  • Both were born in Las Vegas
  • Both started out loving the eyeliner
  • They each have a similar sense of style
  • Both have Utah connections
  • They both made really really good first albums
I have more points, but I can't remember them all at the moment so just go with it, anyways, the point of this post is the pics, so enjoy!

Brandon Flowers:

Brendon Urie:

December 11, 2008

O, great poet, write me something

Through the Typealyzer, I came across a site that I can c&p my entries into and it will tell me what classic author my writing style mostly resembles. I have gone through just random posts that I have done and it seems the only two results I get is Oscar Wilde and Lewis Carroll (mostly Oscar Wilde). I don't know what this means to me or anyone, but I find it an interesting fact to know.To find out what classic author your writing style mostly resembles, click here!

December 10, 2008

It's okay Juventus, I understand

Juventus playing Reggina on November 29th:Outside of my house on Monday (December 8th):

Do you know how I know that I listen to good music?

When people ask me what kind of music I listen too, I simply state that I enjoy good music. People normally think this is a simple matter of opinion, but alas I have now been vindicated by none other than Rolling Stone. Rolling Stone has compiled a list of their top 50 albums of the year. While I think most of this list is merely nonsense (The Jonas Brothers and Taylor Swift?! Really?... I mean seriously, you can't be serious! No matter.) I do own 13 albums from it. Below is the complete list and highlighted in red are the ones I own.

1. TV on the Radio: Dear Science

2. Bob Dylan: Tell Tale Signs — The Bootleg Series Vol. 8

3. Lil Wayne: Tha Carter III

4. My Morning Jacket: Evil Urges

5. John Mellencamp: Life, Death, Love and Freedom

6. Santogold: Santogold

7. Coldplay: Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends

8. Beck: Modern Guilt

9. Metallica: Death Magnetic

10. Vampire Weekend: Vampire Weekend

11. Fleet Foxes: Fleet Foxes

12. Guns n' Roses: Chinese Democracy

13. Blitzen Trapper: Furr

14. Ryan Adams and the Cardinals: Cardinology

15. The Black Keys: Attack & Release

16. Randy Newman: Harps and Angels

17. B.B. King: One Kind Favor

18. Lucinda Williams: Little Honey

19. Erykah Badu: New Amerykah: Part 1 (4th World War)

20. Kings of Leon: Only by the Night

21. Kaiser Chiefs: Off With Their Heads

22. Jackson Browne: Time the Conquerer

23. Conor Oberst: Conor Oberst

24. Girl Talk: Feed the Animals

25. The Magnetic Fields: Distortion

26. Mudcrutch: Mudcrutch

27. Brian Wilson: That Lucky Old Sun

28. The Knux: Remind Me in Three Days…

29. Bon Iver: For Emma, Forever Ago

30. Duffy: Rockferry

31. MGMT: Oracular Spectacular

32. Jamey Johnson: The Lonesome Song

33. Ne-Yo: Year of the Gentleman

34. Stephen Malkmus: Real Emotional Trash

35. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!

36. The Hold Steady: Stay Positive

37. Nine Inch Nails: The Slip

38. Ra Ra Riot: The Rhumb Line

39. Taylor Swift: Fearless

40. Jonas Brothers: A Little Bit Longer

41. AC/DC: Black Ice

42. David Byrne and Brian Eno: Everything That Happens Will Happen Today

43. Nas: Untitled

44. The Raconteurs: Consolers of the Lonely

45. Be Your Own Pet: Get Awkward

46. The Academy Is…: Fast Times at Barrington High

47. Of Montreal: Skeletal Lamping

48. Raphael Saadiq: The Way I See It

49. Hot Chip: Made in the Dark

50. No Age: Nouns

This whole world needs an anthem

Sarebear did a wonderful post on the breakup of Phantom Planet. I think she is a far bigger person than I am and is dealing with it a lot better than me. I have been in a very melancholic state of mind towards the whole situation and I'm not sure how I feel about it, but I'm not happy.

Besides Blink-182, I can't remember having a band that I really really liked breaking up. The breakup of Phantom Planet seems a whole lot more personal than the breakup of Blink-182 and it's really affecting me more than I thought possible. I just keep listening to their 4 incredible albums and it's sad to know that that's it. There won't be more.

Phantom Planet has always held a dear place in my heart, they are even in my blog header. I remember when I was 14 years old and I got a copy of their second album The Guest. That was one of the albums that really molded my musical tastes and opened up a whole new musical genre. I still listen to that album and love every single word of it. I remember when in 9th grade I was asked who my three favorite bands were and one of them was Phantom Planet.

I know that Phantom Planet have had their problems so this shouldn't be so suprising, but they just this very year came back from a 4 year musical hiatus just as good as ever. I had Raise The Dead on pre-order and I couldn't wait. This meant that they would tour again and I would be able to see them live like I have always wanted too. I had hope. I saw them with Panic at the Disco and they were just AMAZING. All seemed to be going right.

Apparently I was wrong. It was merely a month ago I saw them on November 3rd and it was awesome, but as it's said, all good things must come to end. I don't understand why or what happened, but I am very sad about this.

I don't really know how to end this, but I do want to say Thank You to Phantom Planet for creating awesome music and showing me the way. They really are one of the bands that made me not just like music, but really love it and I will miss them very much!

December 06, 2008

Are you lonely at night?

I was youtubing last night, mostly for videos of bands and all that. I was looking for a Gym Class Heroes interview (don't ask) when I came across a very interesting video of Eric and Disashi advertising a very unique product. It blew me away and immediately made me think of Vanilla Bear! I researched this and it is amazing. I want to buy one for all of my friends, but alas I am poor, so all I can do is share the picture with you all, but I hope you thoroughly enjoy.

I present to you:
The My Guy Pillow!

  • He is always there when you need him
  • He never snores of hogs the covers
  • He stays up late listening to you
  • He never talks about himself
  • He always stays in great shape
  • He gets along with all of your friends
  • He's 100% faithful
  • He's GREAT in bed

December 02, 2008

I am not neglectful

I have not been neglecting my blog, I have just been uber busy of late. This is just a quick post to share with you all how much I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PROVIDENCE! Yeah, they're pretty awesome and so I share with you some songs off of their self titled album.

November 28, 2008

Black Friday- It's more than soul crushing

Today is Black Friday. This is something I'm sure every American knows about and probably absolutely hates. For all the people who do not call the States home, let me explain. Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving. It is the single biggest shopping day in the entire US the entire year. People camp outside of shops just to get there when the doors open at 5am for great deals on absolutely everything. I never shop on Black Friday because when the point comes that I am spending over an hour in line and competing for the item I want/need just to save a few bucks, I think I really need to evaluate the quality of my life. I however was forced to go out into the world of crazy shoppers today and it's not something I feel I want to talk about. Instead I present to you, some memorable, crazy Black Friday videos. Seriously, this is what we have come to to save a little bit of cash, it's insanity! (also, just more proof Walmart is evil and needs to implode)

The employees at Best Buy have the right idea (more proof Best Buy is where it's at ;) )

November 24, 2008

Blog Challenge: Most Beautiful Women

So after doing last weeks blog challenge on the hottest guys, this weeks is the opposite with the most beautiful women. Here is my list from hot to hottest.

5-Monica Belucci 4-Sophia Bush3-Penelope Cruz2-Megan Fox1-Adriana Lima
Honorable mentions to the following: Eva Gonzalez, Alessandra Ambrosio, Noemie Lenoir, Mamen Sanz and Salma Hayek.

¿¡ Really?!

I mean seriously? Christoph "Mr. Fail at defending" Metzelder and Chema "Never played a game for the first team" Anton are worth more than Fabio "I'm one of the greatest defenders in the world and have pwned you all at some point, I'm basically better than all of you, Il Bello" Cannavaro?!?!
¡Ay Dios! Yahoo, Get it together!

November 23, 2008

Love calculators

I was searching for some more desktop toolbar gadgets and I came across a Love Calculator gadget. I downloaded it and immediately started pairing my name up with all of my favorite hotties. The results were mostly poor and then Chocolate Bear found two other Love Calculators so I decided to try them all and average together my scores from the three calculators. I have no idea how something so small was so amusing, but these were my results:
Stephanie and Bojan
Average: 53%

Stephanie and Adrian
Average: 34%

Stephanie and Fabio
Average: 32%

Stephanie and Paolo
Average: 52%

Stephanie and Raul
Average: 43%

Stephanie and Matthew aka Best Buy Guy
Average: 47%
Basically my theory of Bojan and I being MFEO seems mostly accurate by these results.

I used my desktop widget and these other two love calculators:
Love Calculator 1
Love Calculator 2

November 22, 2008

I know you probably don't care

I know that really no one outside of Utah really cares about this and in the large scale neither do I, but this is important for one single reason and that reason of course is bragging rights!

The Holy War took place today and thus all of Utah basically shut down for about 4 hours. University of Utah vs. Brigham Young University is like the biggest rivalry in the state. Whether or not you have gone to either school, you have a side and you root for them. UofU are definitely the superior team and for many reasons they are also my team, the main reason being they are sometimes the school I go to and I plan to go to.

Anyways, UofU won 48-24 and therefore I have bragging rights for the next year until we beat BYU again. This also means that the University of Utah football team are now offically this years Mountain West Conference Champions. Congrats to the Utes!

I was just thinking there is not enough pink in football

Besides Palermo with their pink jersey's, there clearly isn't enough pink in footie. I'm glad Nike took my many emails seriously and have decided to change that by introducing the pink boot. This was apparently a big deal and even somewhat scandalous. Many people dislike this, but
I knew Bendtner was wearing them and he kind of looked dumb doing so, but not everyone is as unfortunate as him. I was watching the Intercriminale/Juventus game (which I'm not going to get into because it's serious epic fail on Juve's part) and who did I spy wearing the pink boots? None other than Amauri and the Matrix. I know Materazzi is a stupid Inter player, but I don't mind him. I think he's a cool dude and of course Amauri is one of my faves so this really cheered me up despite the poor result.

November 20, 2008

Blog Challenge: Hotties

This blog challenge is basically to share all the guys I find hot. I removed all the ballers to narrow it down, but if you really are interested a list can be found here. So here are all the non-balling hotties I love. Also, let me assure you that I know it's not okay to like male models, but I can't help it, the two I chose are just so pretty! I'm sure you can already tell I have a type so yeah, just go with it, it's good. Anyways, here are a list of my favorite 10 non-baller hotties, in no particular order:

Gael Garcia Bernal
DOB/Age: November 30, 1978 (29 years old)
Nationality: Mexican
Occupation: Actor/Awesome person
Notes: I don't think words can properly express my obsession intrigue with GGB.

Christian Bale
DOB/Age: January 30, 1974 (34 years old)
Nationality: Welsh English
Occupation: Actor/Batman

Mario Scalia
DOB/Age: ?
Nationality: Italian
Occupation: Male Model
Notes: There are some interesting pics of him with a Mexican blanket and in the shower....

Brendon Urie
DOB/Age: April 12, 1987 (21 years old)
Nationality: American
Occupation: Lead Singer of Panic At The Disco
Notes: I met him, and seriously just LOVE him (although he was the least nicest out of the band, but I think he was just tired/uber shy.) He's from Utah too!

Ricky Rubio
DOB/Age: October 21, 1990 (18 years old)
Nationality: Spanish
Occupation: Basketball Player/Friend of Bojan
Notes: No longer jailbait at last!

Thomas Bartolini
DOB/Age: January 9, 1989 (20 years old)
Nationality: French
Occupation: Rugby Player/Calendar Model
Notes: Googling him might be NSFW!

Edilson Nascimento
DOB/Age: April 1, 1986 (22 years old)
Nationality: Brazilian
Occupation: Male Model

Gabe Saporta
DOB/Age: October 11, 1979 (1979-10-11) (age 29)
Nationality: Uruguayan/American
Occupation: Lead singer of Cobra Starship

Tyson Ritter
DOB/Age: April 24, 1984 (24 years old)
Nationality: American
Occupation: Lead singer of The All American Rejects
Notes: I dislike his tattoos and most of his hairstyle choicesbut he's a hottie in general and in person...*fans self*

Eric Roberts
DOB/Age: ?
Nationality: American
Occupation: Bass player for Gym Class Heroes
Notes: I only like him with his short hair and while looking for pics of him, I realized he really reminds me of BBG! It's weird.

I am more unique than all of my friends

Sarebear had a blog analysis thing up on her blog, so I had it analyze my blog. Like her results, mine sound pretty accurate as well. I also found it really cool how it shows you what part of your brain you use when you blog and all that (yes, I already know I am a nerd.) I also typealyzed all of my friends blogs. Everyone but Venice (and me of course) had the same results as Sarebear.
My results:

ISTP - The Mechanics

The independent and problem-solving type. They are especially attuned to the demands of the moment are masters of responding to challenges that arise spontaneously. They generally prefer to think things out for themselves and often avoid inter-personal conflicts.

The Mechanics enjoy working together with other independent and highly skilled people and often like seek fun and action both in their work and personal life. They enjoy adventure and risk such as in driving race cars or working as policemen and firefighters.

Probably the only time you will ever see this on here

I found some recent pics of Enrique Iglesias. I feel Enrique is a hottie and I enjoy his music. I also normally really like scarves on men. There is just something about these pics of Enrique in this scarf that I cant put my finger on, but I don't like them at all. It looks like he's wearing make-up almost!

Speaking of guys who wear make-up, I came across this screen cap of actress actor Zac Efron's IMDB page. I didn't print screen this myself, but I think it's absolutley hilarious! Also, I have to express that
I just think this is funny!

November 17, 2008

I present to you, the Mad Hatter

As many of you know, Tim Burton is remaking Alice In Wonderland. I am a big Tim Burton fan, but upon investigating some of the alleged casting I am really iffy on this movie. I was doing my everyday surfing of the web and I came across this picture of Johnny Depp in his Mad Hatter attire and makeup. I love Alice In Wonderland and I in general tend to like Tim Burton movies so this should be good. I'm not totally sold on it, but I'm willing to give it a try!

Randoms Round-up

Juventus beat Genoa 4-1! It was a really good game and Yay! They’re now third place right below both Milan teams, but I have faith and top 3 is by no means a bad place to be!

Real Madrid lost 1-0 in a pathetic display. I can’t remember the last time I have seen them play this poorly, just EVERY SINGLE PERSON was off.

Barcugh won, but only by 1-0 so they’re slowly on their way to losing. Bojan only played for the last 3 minutes and then the 3 minutes of overtime. DWP!

The Jazz sucked horribly. On their 10 day, 5 game road trip they went from being undefeated to only winning 1 of the away games. They return to Salt Lake tonight to face off with the Phoenix Suns which they need to win. They aren’t even that bad, but they keep doing this thing where in the first half they build themselves a comfortable 10+ points lead and then in the second half they just throw it all away. Way to get my hopes up Jazz!

Fantasy Football for the win! I am 4/21 in the EPL FF league and I don’t even watch EPL so I am super awesome and I got 70 puntos in this week’s La Liga FF League keeping me solidly in fourth place and only half a punto from being tied for third!

I went and saw Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa. I LOVED the first one and normally when sequels are made they aren’t nearly as good as the first one, but I LOVED this one too! It’s weird though because I love it in a different way than I love the first one, but I did really really enjoy it. I might even like it more than the first one. King Julian is definitely my favorite and he did not fail to make me so happy! Go see this movie!