October 31, 2008

Halloween is Satanic! :P

Happy Halloween!

October 30, 2008

STFU Mrs. Cavanaughs!

Over the past year, the sign at Mrs. Cavanaughs has been littered with random political nonsense. I could never ever figure out which candidate they were against because the posts were very odd and almost propaganda like, that is, until there last sign was put up. The anti socialism thing is screaming anti Obama although Obama does not promote socialism. In fact, everything on this sign that is supposed to be "anti-Obama" is just a bunch of political propaganda against Obama and it is all unfounded and false. This post is not only to express my disgust that people actually believe this, but to tell Mrs. Cavanaughs to shut the hell up! Go back to selling me super delicious, quality chocolate and uber inflated prices and get on with it!

Blog Challenge (Halloween Edition): The bads of Trick-or-Treating

The bads of trick-or-treating can be interpreted many different ways. I could do a post on giving away candy, having to take kids out, the possible dangers of going door to door or random peoples houses, but that simply isn't my style. I decided instead to do a post on the top 10 worst trick-or-treat handouts that I have at one point recieved and why. I obviously don't trick-or-treat anymore, but this will maybe help you know what kids who still do want. This also allows for me to make a list and lists are always fun.

#10- Candy Corn- When people claim to hate candy corn, I know it isn’t true. I know that really, deep down inside, they just hate themselves. However, if you are one of the people who don't hate yourself, then you will go out and buy candy corn.

#9- Dum Dums- What's best about these is that they come in so many artificial flavors that there is always at least one you like, the bad about it however is that you rarely get that flavor. Also, a lot of people just simply don't like dum dums and only give them away so they themselves are not tempted to eat the Halloween candy they bought. This makes for an overload of what isn't even a full sucker. It is also a sign of someone who is cheap

#8- Mary Janes- I don't really like peanut butter, that's my only reason. Tragically a lot of people buy these because they are a "Halloween" candy and I always got a ton of them.

#7- Tootsie Roll Assorted Pack- So many tootsie rolls and in all form! I like them, but in little amounts. The boxes of dots are probably the only thing from the assortment that I like but then it only contains about 5 pieces and that's a let down.

#6- Smarties- I mean really? You couldn't come up with anything better?!

#5- Hard Candy- In any form it's a Halloween fail! Who goes thru their trick-or-treat bag thinking "Wow, I hope there is something small and hard I can suck on for about half and hour." No one does, that's who. They are also the worst for leaving that coating of sugar on your teeth.

#4- Anything 'Fun Size'- Since when was one bite of a candy bar fun?

#3- Apples- The last time there was an apple associated with witches, princesses, and small people, someone was trying to poison the other person. This is not okay. I went trick-or-treating for either tricks or treats, this qualifies as neither!

#2- Tootbrushes- Unless my parent is extremely stupid or neglectful why wouldn't I already have a toothbrush? Also, as if I needed more proof that dentist's are evil.

#1- "Halloween is satanic" Pamphlets- If you have never got one of these, boy, you are missing out! I remember recieving one when I was little and my mom took it and threw it out before I could read it. I think if I recieved one of those only a few years ago I might have gone and torched their front lawn and vindicate them. Luckily, I am a lot calmer now. However, Halloween is a fun time for little kids, keep your nonsense to yourself and stop trying to ruin it for everyone, Jerk!

This concludes my list of bad handouts for trick-or-treating. I hope you are all now informed and don't hand out any of this nonsense. It's not wanted!

October 27, 2008

Because I'm loved

My mom bought me a ducky hamper and I could not be more excited about it!

Kitty in a box

October 26, 2008

You know how when you really want something.....

This week was a really good week in footie! I don't do match reviews because they would be something along the lines of "yeah, the game was really good, some parts were really exciting and then there was a rough tackle......" and it would just be an absolute mess. Anyways, the good week started off with Champions League.

It was Juventus and Madrid and both teams own my heart and it was absolute torture for me to have to root against one or take a side, but I decided it fair to cheer for Juventus during their home game for Real Madrid when they play at the Bernabeu. I was torn and super nervous the whole game and I actually don't mind who wins the group as long as Juventus and Real Madrid both move onto the knock out rounds. Anyways, this game wasn't good because Juve won, it was good because it was Juventus's return back to form. They were really struggling and the game against Real Madrid showed they still had it!

Next was the Derby della Molle (Turin Derby). This was an exciting game and Juve won it 1-0! It's been a while since their last victory and this one was really well deserved.

Then Villareal played and I guess if I didn't support Real Madrid I would support them. They were playing Atletico Madrid so I of course preferred Villareal to be the victors in that match, but it was not to be. The game ended in a draw 4-4. This wasn't bad though! The game was really thrilling with fights and red card dramz! Guiseppe Rossi also scored and had an assist which means mucho puntos for my La Liga Fantasy Football team!

Arsenal also won their game against West Ham 2-0! I'm not big on the EPL and I don't follow it too much, but I guess I support Arsenal over all of the other teams so this made me happy as well!

Last and certainly not least was the Real Madrid and Athletic Club Bilbao game. There was lots of pre game drama with Schuster not playing The Ramos because of some comments he made to the press and all that and the game was tense! There was lots of good fights and card dramz and all that fun stuff, but also some bad stuff like an penalty given to Bilbao and all that, but Real Madrid pulled off a defeat 3-2 so all was well!

On the downside, three Juventus players got injured during Sunday mornings training session. Paolo De Ceglie suffered a distortion of the ankle :'( , Zdenek Grygera has a contracture in his left thigh muscle and Hasan Salihamidzic is having some pains in his left achilles. Juventus already has quite the list of injured players and definitely didn't need anymore to worry about. It's so tragic and the team is suffering because of it. Normally I would be devastated by this news, but something really really good happened....

You know how when you really really want something and it seems like it is never ever going to happen, and you lose all faith. It's almost like the grief process: you first deny that it won't happen, then you get angry that it hasn't happened. After this, you begin to bargain so that it will happen and when after all the bargaining fails, you enter the depression phase. This is the darkest of the stages, but finally it is over and you have come to accept that what you want to happen, just simply isn't. It's like a weight is lifted, because no matter how much you want that thing to happen, you have come to terms that it is okay that it doesn't. I had recently come to the 'acceptance' phase in my wanting of a shirtless pic of Paolo. I searched high and low, left, right and center, but it was there was not one to be found. Then, something spectactular happened and it came thru a Google Alert (as most good things have been lately!)

I got a link to a story about Juve's injuries (no that is NOT the good thing). The story was on a Juventus fan blog and I went to read up. On the sidebar of that blog was the video of the week, I was intrigued so I clicked play! This is one of the best decisions of my life for within that video was not only the entire Juve team shirtless in the locker room, but there was also shirtless Paolo! I was so happy and didn't think it could get any better, but it did. In that video you can hear Paolo kind of mumbling in the background and he has a proper deep tall guy voice. This was a nice suprise after the let down that was Ricky Rubio's voice. Sorry this post is really long, so to reward you for reading it all, please enjoy the Juve locker room. The one part of this video I did not like is the guy with the plumbers crack and when I rewatched to find out who it was, it was of course Molinaro! As if I needed yet another reason to dislike him! Special notice at around 1:11 on the left ;)

October 25, 2008

Spanish ballers are just like me

They love their pink! I love the color pink if it's not obvious already and apparently so do Spanish ballers. They each have their own way of rockin' the pink wear, here are a few:
Raul: Perfect in Pink
Santi Cazorla: Pink PlaidIker Casillas: Just a TouchBojan Krkic: One TimerAdrian Gonzalez: Preppy in Pink
Vicente: Pink Overload
Cesc Fabregas: Pinktastic Photoshoots

David Villa: The Repeat Offender

October 24, 2008

Coconut and Mojito

My bunnies are feeling neglected with the amount of love for my cats so I thought I'd show them how much I love them today. Here is Coconut (girl, white) and Mojito (boy, black) in all their bunny cuteness.

October 23, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday Ricky Rubio!

I missed Ricky Rubio's birthday Tuesday, I was a little distracted by Champions League, but happy birthday none the less. You are now officially legal and I am no longer pedobear. It's good for everyone!The picture isn't as good as Bojan and his flan or Canna with his fruit tart, but it'll do I suppose. I hope you wished for something good (and by good I mean getting drafted by the Utah Jazz ;))
To celebrate your new legality I offer a mini RR picspam!

Quien Le Va A Decir

Do you like both the ballad pop of Enrique Iglesias and the catchy pop rock of Juanes? Then I think you will enjoy Luis Fonsi. He is a bit more rock than Enrique, but more pop than Juanes. His songs are more ballad-y and hearfelt, but still very good. I discovered Luis Fonsi when I went to the music store. I like to buy random CD's that I know nothing about because it forces me to listen to different types of music. When I went to the store, I was in a Spanish mood so I went over to the Latino music section. I saw Luis Fonsi's latest album 'Palabras Del Silencio' and I liked the cover, so I bought it. I brought it home and listened to it and I'm really liking it, you should give it a try.

Some random info on Fonsi:
  • He is a singer and also a soap star
  • He is from Puerto Rico, but was raised in Florida
  • He is 30 years old (April 15, 1978)
  • He is good friends with ex *NSYNC member Joey Fatone
I would like to give you a sample of his music. This is my favorite track off of his latest album, "Quien Le Va A Decir"

I am also really liking "Llueve Por Dentro"

Still not good enough

Bojan played an amazing game for Barcugh yesterday in the Champions League. I didn't watch the game, but it's all my Google alerts have been telling me. He is back on form and netted two goals for the Catalan side. He was both playing and looking good and I could not have been more excited because this meant that wanting Bojan in the starting XI was justified.I also think that Bojan would get more credit and be seen with more value after seeing this coming at him and not running away in horror. He even let Blair Puyol touch him. He's obviously sacrificing it for the team because he cares, further proof he deserves to be in the starting XI.
So you think this would be reason enough for Bojan to get a starting posistion in La Liga, and to any person with a brain it adds up and makes sense, but leave it to Pep Guardiola to ruin everything! Here is a little snippet of the interview with Pep and what he said regarding Bojan's performance:

Guardiola said the two goals scored by Bojan Krkic would not force him to re-think the rotation policy under which the newly-capped Spanish international has often been restricted to a substitute's role.

"Yes, it's a luxury to have Bojan on the bench, but it's a luxury to have all the players that we have," he said.

"Results like this always help to justify the coach's decisions. We're only in October and the breadth of our squad gives me lots of possibilities."

"I would never field a player who I did not have 100 percent trust in, however, and all the players in the squad have earned that trust."
I would just like to point out that not once did Pep compliment Bojan or say anything nice without having to say the same about every other Barcugh player. I don't get it, but I think it's sad that a player as talented as Bojan is being limited by an inexperienced coach with a possible grudge.
Down With Pep!It's not a lot, but it does make me feel better defacing Pep's face!

'Action' figures and Poo Fighters

I was at Graywhale last night and I came across some 'action' figures of both presidential nominees. In the artwork on McCain's box McCain appears evil and angry looking, Obama on the other hand has a big grin and is friendly looking. You may say that this is because the toy company is biased, but believe me, that is not the case. McCain is evil and angry and Obama is friendly and a smiley kind of guy! I also noticed that even action figure McCain has bad posture and saggy jowls. I was so tempted to buy the Obama doll action figure, but then I thought it would be weird to have a mini representation of the possible (and hopefully) future president of the United States.
"John McCain: A call to 'action' figure" Too bad it's the wrong action he's calling for."Barak Obama: a action figure we can believe in" I agree!
And also, because I'm about 5 years old emotionally, I saw this and had to take a picture because it made me laugh harder than it should have.