April 16, 2009

The Open Door EP

Death Cab for Cutie are awesome. That is the only way I can sum them up. If I had to name my favorite bands ever, Death cab would definitely be near the top. Recently they released The Open Door EP.

The Open Door is a collection of 4 songs that didn't quite fit well onto Narrow Stairs as well as the demo to "Talking Bird."

Every song is so well crafted and are clearly good enough to go onto the album, but they didn't fit into it as a whole and therefore are now being released as B-sides.

I'm pretty horrible at trying to write about music, but I just thought I'd share my thoughts on this EP. The fact that the songs on The Open Door are good enough to collectively stand up as well as their full length album say a lot about the quality of this band. I cannot remember and EP so gratifying since Bright Eyes' Four Winds EP.

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Vanilla Bear said...

Yes! This EP is great and Narrow Stairs could basically have been made four songs longer and still have been awesome. But I am not complaining, it means that I have new Death Cab music to get me through to whenever the next album is released!

My Mirror Speaks is still my fave song on it :)